What is Socially Responsible Investing?

Social investors recognize that every financial transaction has social implications as well as monetary ones. While traditional investing is aimed exclusively at maximizing financial value, social investing takes account of both financial and social bottom lines. Socially responsible investing can be a catalyst for positive social change or merely a way to help the investor sleep better at night. See our services »


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The Clean Yield – Fall 2014 Newsletter is Now Online

August 27, 2014

The Fall edition of The Clean Yield is now online and available on PDF.

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Clean Yield’s 2014 Proxy Season Wrap-Up

August 26, 2014

Forget Game of Thrones. The real drama this year concerned the fate of Clean Yield’s shareholder proposals and the outcomes of our dialogues with corporations. We’ve been in talks with HBO — for what seems like forever — about a pilot (working title: Proxy Apocalypse), but since nothing’s been signed, we’re still at liberty to review what worked this year and what didn’t. Plot spoilers ahead.

(Note: The table below provides links to all of the shareholder proposals referenced in this article.)

Don’t Listen to Stephen Colbert, Either

In typically hilarious fashion, Stephen Colbert recently opined that melting Antarctic glaciers means it’s time to just give it up on climate change. (“The entire country will become an uninhabitable wasteland–not just Baltimore.”) But when we got done laughing, we re-embraced the premise that we can forestall at least the worst consequences that future generations, if not ourselves, will face. There’s little that tiny baby feet and hands can’t talk a grownup into doing. Read more »

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Bar Harbor Bankshares (BHB): A Maine Dish

August 19, 2014

At Clean Yield, we have an affinity for local businesses that provide jobs and contribute to their communities. In banking, that is especially the case. We avoid investing in the biggest banks, which we think were culpable in causing the financial crisis of 2008 and probably not trustworthy enough to reinvest in just yet. Therefore, we’re pleased to have recently added another New England bank—Bar Harbor Bankshares—to our client portfolios.

Bar Harbor Bankshares of Bar Harbor, Maine, was founded in 1887 and is a community bank with assets of $1.4 billion and fifteen locations in rural markets in central Maine, the “downeast” region, and along the midcoast.

BHB serves individual and business customers, retail stores, restaurants, seasonal lodging, biological research labs, and many retirees. Its main business customers are in the businesses of tourism, hospitality, lobstering, fishing, boat building, marine services, and wild blueberry cultivation. Bar Harbor’s business is more seasonal than that of the typical bank, with activity higher in the summer and fall. Given the Bank’s proximity to Acadia National Park, tourism is important (13% of total loans are to the lodging industry). Read more »

Exactech (EXAC): Good to the Bones

August 11, 2014

Exactech, based in Gainesville, Florida, develops, manufactures, and sells orthopedic implant devices, related surgical instruments, and biological material and services to make patients more mobile. Its products are used in the restoration of bones and joints that have deteriorated as a result of injury or disease, such as arthritis.

The company sells various joint replacement systems—including knee, shoulder, and hip implant systems—and biologic allograft services and bone cement materials used in orthopedic surgery for the repair or replacement of joints. Its customers are hospitals and physicians in the U.S. and over 30 markets in Europe, the Americas, Asia, and the Pacific. International sales represent about 34% of the total.

The company was founded in 1985 by orthopedic surgeon Bill Petty, his wife Betty, and biomedical engineer Gary Miller. They wanted to improve the quality of care provided to patients suffering from joint diseases such as arthritis. The company’s goal is to improve patient outcomes through a customer-centric culture. Design assistance and feedback from surgeon customers has helped the company to offer innovative products that have indeed improved patient outcomes. Read more »

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